Our Instructors

Our Code Med instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching coding to healthcare professionals

Dr Imran Qureshi

Imran is a Consultant at Croydon University Hospital and has a previous degree in Computer Science with an interest in Human and Computer interaction. Imran is also an Honorary Associate Clinical Professor of Quality Improvement at UCL. He has been writing medical software for many years but has a passion for teaching these skills to healthcare professionals

Dr Joe Hogan

Joe was a student on the first Java course in his Foundation years and has since become a teacher on the course. He has gone on to develop the iALS app and has taught himself Flutter. He has been awarded five Health Education England awards for his commitment to clinical service improvement through digital transformation, and has presented multiple award-winning innovations nationally

Dr Arron Thind

Arron is a junior doctor and Deputy Lead of Emerging Technology at the Department of Health and Social Care. He is a DigitalHealth.London Fellow and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. His innovation, SimEPR, is supported by London South Bank University's 'SimDH' accelerator and is in use at multiple NHS trusts