Course Price

Inclusive of all lessons, material and mentoring

Medical Student & F1 Doctor
£50 discount for completed registrations before 25th August 2022
Junior Doctor & Allied Healthcare Staff
£100 discount for completed registrations before 25th August 2022
Consultant / GP
£100 discount for completed registrations before 25th August 2022
Foundation Year 2 doctors & above may be eligible for ‘aspirational funding’ for the course

In recognition of the benefits to both individual professional development and NHS service improvement on a wider scale, many of the attendees on previous cohorts have had funding requests approved by foundation school deans/training programme directors.


If you wish to obtain funding for the course, speak to your clinical/educational supervisor and training programme director.

We equip clinicians with the skills to build digital solutions as part of quality improvement projects.


Quality improvement/audit is a requirement for ARCP.

The 2021 UK Foundation Programme Curriculum states that ‘use of new technologies and the digital agenda’ forms part of the core curriculum.


See page 15 and 80 of the 2021 UKFP curriculum document.

The digital agenda (being the systematic approach to shape digital transformation) is a key theme within the NHS Long Term Plan.


However, not only is it clear that digital-health is the future of the NHS, the Long Term Plan states that NHS workforce must be involved in the delivery of this digital agenda. It makes specific reference to the need for up-skilling workforce and developing technical expertise (see quote below).


NHS Long Term Plan (page 95): “We will increase training in digital capabilities for the health and care workforce and focus on attracting excellent technical expertise and skills, particularly in ‘newer’ digital fields so that our workforce can continue to deliver our technology strategy.”