The Code Med Java course takes you from beginner to Java app developer in just 12 weeks.

Developed by doctors, the Code Med Java course is aimed at healthcare professionals who want to be at the forefront of digital innovation in the NHS and beyond. So, what will you gain from this course?

  • Proficiency in one of the most widely recognised and used programming languages.
  • Learn how to develop programs that digitise your trust’s specific guideline algorithms
  • Develop skills to build graphical user interfaces for beautiful and functional apps
  • Practice building clinically relevant apps, such as BMI calculators, antibiotic dosing calculators and symptom checkers
  • Inspiration on how to develop your own digital innovations with award-winning examples from our team and guidance on robust quality improvement methodology
  • Personally-tailored mentoring on your own app ideas
  • New skills to take your ideas and career to the next step, whilst bringing positive change to your healthcare environment

The Code Med Java course is perfect for anyone who is a complete novice, to those who may have dabbled before

We know that...

Healthcare systems are complicated. Yet, as healthcare professionals we understand the issues we want to address. Learning to program will open a radical new perspective on how to tackle problems in a way you never thought you could.

So, what will this course offer?

The course will take you through the fundamentals of Java programming and give you the confidence to develop beautiful and intelligent apps that will solve your healthcare improvement ideas.