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We teach healthcare professionals how to code

🏥 We understand the potential healthcare staff have to transform healthcare when equipped with the necessary digital skills to address everyday healthcare barriers.


💻 Our 12-week Java programming course is specifically tailored for healthcare professionals and medical students. We’ve taught individuals across the UK, and even overseas, how to code and bring their healthcare improvement ideas to life!


👨‍🎓  Delegates become Code Med Digital Fellows, and certificates are provided on completion of the course.


🚀 Fellows from previous course cohorts have applied to prestigious programmes such as the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme with their innovations, and others have been appointed to various exciting posts in NHS management and startups.

Next cohort: 23rd July
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We think we’ve got the best coding course for healthcare professionals and students. But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials!

Mr Sarju Athwal

Ophthalmology Consultant, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

I found the course well structured and Imran, Arron and Joe work really well together as a team. They explain core concepts well and do a great job at making the complex seem simpler. They use healthcare-related applications to explain coding concepts, thus making the information more understandable and relevant. True to their word, they had us coding simple apps within a few weeks of starting and we finished the course with the tools and skills to go away and make our own apps. Whether you’ve already got an app idea in mind, or just want to take your first steps into coding with no prior knowledge, I’d highly recommend this course.

Dr Anuriti Aojula

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology UCL

I strongly recommend the Code Med course to all those wanting to diversify their skill set and create their own digital health solutions. The course offers fantastic weekly lectures, small group teaching, and comprehensive offline learning materials. To help you navigate some of the more challenging concepts, 1:1 support is always available. It has been a great learning experience!

Dr Jamie Mawhinney

Core Surgical Trainee

I was part of the Autumn 2021 Code Med cohort and was a core surgical trainee in plastic surgery at the time. From no prior experience whatsoever, I was taught how to build my own apps with a clinically oriented focus. Arron, Imran and Joe were an excellent team and always approachable, including with one-to-one mentoring when needed. I would definitely recommend Code Med to anyone who was hoping to broaden the spectrum of their clinical practice, and learn a new skill in the process.

Dr Eamonn Foley

Foundation Year 2 Doctor

Code Med provides an incredibly well structured course, with content appropriately targeted for healthcare professionals with little coding experience like myself. What really impressed me was the individual attention provided by Arron, Joe and Imran in the small group breakout rooms. Their incredible ability to teach challenging concepts in an accessible manner transformed from me from a complete novice to being able to create functional programs in only 3 months. Thank you!

Dr Georgina Phillips

Clinical Teaching Fellow, Dermatology & General Medicine, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Code Med has taught me skills that have already influenced my career path. I genuinely I couldn't recommend taking this course enough, whatever stage you're at with your career. It will open new doors for you, and the skills you learn are essential. The passion of the 3 doctors who teach this course is infectious, and they'll open your eyes to a lot of new opportunity. It's incredibly supported and they will all give their time outside the course to help you achieve your coding goals.

Neel Maniar

Medical Student - UCL

Code Med was a challenging yet exciting 12 weeks, where I learnt a lot about coding from the team! Being taught by doctors and coding medical orientated tasks made the course very relatable and enjoyable. The style of learning with breakout rooms were very useful for real-time feedback and having opportunities to ask questions to pick up concepts much more easily.

Nicola Duncan

Medical Student - University of Glasgow

Learning to code with Code Med has inspired me to consider how coding can be integrated into clinical practice to advance our health care norms. The exercises each week enabled the skills learned to be translated into clinical context, demonstrating the potential and ability coding holds for clinicians to apply to problems found in practice. The support of the Code Med team makes the journey from writing your first line of code to problem solving functioning applications an enjoyable and supported experience.

Dr Michael Leeming

Internal Medicine Trainee

The Code Med course has shown me that really anyone can learn to code. The classes are engaging and interactive and the pace is just right. The supplementary written materials are concise and clear. Arron, Imran and Joe are excellent teachers and are always happy to give extra help outside of the main sessions.

Dr Jacob Ellis

Consultant Child and Adolescent Liaison Psychiatrist UCLH

The course was an effective and well-designed on-ramp for someone who has always been interested in coding but found the process of learning to code for the first time daunting. It emphasised developing confidence as a coder, building on learned concepts week by week which was extremely helpful. I feel that I have come away from the 12 weeks with a really useful toolset and a supportive community to begin pursuing my own projects. Thank you! 🙂

Ibrahim Younis

Medical Student

I enrolled onto the May 2023 cohort of Code Med which greatly exceeded my expectations! It was a brilliantly structured course filled with engaging weekly sessions each with a healthcare related slant. The mentors helped make it both easy and enjoyable, providing assistance whenever I had any issues. The pace made it easy to keep up with, yet we were still able to progress to more and more complex concepts each week. I would highly recommend Code Med, whether you are starting from scratch or looking to develop your skills, it’s the perfect starting point to launch you into the world of coding.

Dr Hassan Bencheqroun

Consultant in Critical Care California, USA

I’m truly thankful for the family for allowing me to attend this course as I was unable to complete the previous year due to work constraints. It is a community. It makes all the difference in the world to be taught by fellow physicians the coding concepts which can be abstract for a medically trained mind. Within a mere few weeks to be able to code apps that have clinical relevance feels triumphant over coding which traditionally felt defeating and intimidating. A massive thank you. CHEERS!

Dr Ebrahiem Tumi

Internal Medicine Trainee 2

The Code Med team are such a welcoming, humble and knowledgeable bunch. The course itself was a great opportunity for me as it's the first ever course I've done that branches my skillset outside the NHS healthcare bubble which is vital in this climate. Being completely new to coding, I found at times the course can be challenging but I felt well supported by the team even on their off days they were willing to help. One aspect I didn't anticipate was networking with like minded people. I've met some lovely people who I plan to take future projects with!

Dr Aadil Sheikh


The support throughout the course was phenomenal. Being a Code Med digital fellow helped me appreciate a whole new dimension on ways to improve healthcare through coding.

Anusha Ahuja

Medical Student

A great course! Perfect for beginners to MedTech and a great way for medical students to branch out of traditional approaches the healthcare and for networking.